The week’s best Android games to play

Welcome to our new segment, in which YouTuber NimbleThor presents to you a short rundown of the best new versatile recreations for your Android gadget, discharged over the previous week. Regardless of whether you're into easygoing time wasters or bad-to-the-bone shooters, you'll discover something in here to practice your thumbs with. 

We as a whole know the inclination… you're on your standard drive home from work, anticipating daydreaming or getting in some quality time with your telephone, when abruptly, the rotten individual sitting two seats away begins up a discussion. 

What do you do? Our proposal is staying away from eye to eye connection while booting up any of these four incredible Android diversions till they quit talking. Will it be ungainly? Truly. In any case, will it work? I promise it! 

Hungry Dragon 

Estimate: 451 MB 

Value: Free 

Kind: Arcade | Playable disconnected 

It works disconnected, its in-application buys aren't irritating, and it highlights fire-breathing monsters in a far reaching 2D world loaded up with fascinating adversaries and consumable animals. Pause, did Ubisoft simply make an astounding diversion? 

Worked around the center gameplay that made Hungry Shark a raving success, this title swaps undersea battle for a chompfest in mid-air. That hit home with my inward dream geek and made for a few fun adjusts through this whole week. 

You can open all the more ground-breaking mythical beasts by step up existing ones, and get new aide pets from winged serpent eggs – all at a good pace with a dead-basic control conspire. That guarantees steady amusement for even those extremely long transport rides. Simply make sure to keep an eye out for your stop, since it's very simple to forget about time with this title. 

Get Hungry Dragon on Google Play. 

Terrific Mountain Adventure 

Measure: 119 MB 

Value: Free 

Sort: Adventure/Sports | Playable disconnected 

Despite the fact that not completely discharged yet – which implies we aren't sure about its adaptation and generally speaking level framework – Grand Mountain Adventure appears to be ready to end up the best skiing enterprise sports diversion for cell phones. 

In the open beta that is as of now accessible, you essentially tap and swipe to guide and perform snappy turns, as you consequently race down precarious inclines in an open world seen from a special best down view. That makes for shockingly profound and brilliant gameplay. 

The craftsmanship style, feel, and open world with concealed collectibles and fortunes meet up to make an amusement that is more prominent than the aggregate of its parts – an absolute necessity strive at the ease of free. 

Get Grand Mountain Adventure on Google Play. 


Measure: 208 MB 

Value: Free 

Type: Action/Flying/".io" | Requires online access 

With its awesome pixel workmanship and extraordinary continuous multiplayer ".io"- style dogfight battle, Thunderdogs is an incredible interpretation of both the .io and air-fight classes. The title sees you take charge of your own airship, shoot down for planes, and plunder their pooch treats to at last turn into the "ruler" of the server. 

There are a lot of intriguing planes, overhauls, and skins to open, which occurs through a plunder box-like framework that you can spend in-diversion gold or genuine money on. Furthermore, you'll locate an extensive variety of renegade weapons fighting to add to your arms stockpile. 

Get Thunderdogs on Google Play. 


Estimate: 170 MB 

Value: Free 

Classification: Trading card amusement | Requires online access 

Lightseekers is a physical – and now likewise computerized – exchanging card amusement (TCG) that sees players gather cards and construct decks to contend in easygoing or focused PvP matches. 

It's a battle style TCG that expects players to utilize their two activities for each turn shrewdly, picking between ordinary assaults and combos. In any case, the amusement's primary separating gameplay technician is the "turn,", which has a few cards do harm, recuperate, or buff after some time, with the cards turning 90 degrees on each turn (look at the video above for a case of how that functions). 

This technician adds an interesting vital layer to the diversion and will keep you returning for a larger number of rounds than you'd hope to play in a solitary sitting. In any case, it's significant that opening new cards through in-application buys can get rather costly, and getting them with gold requires significantly more crushing than you should need to waste time with. 

Get Lightseekers on Google Play. 

That is just for this week, yet make sure to tune in again next Friday for all the more sweet diversions. Upbeat driving!