MSI Vigor GK80 Gaming Keyboard

A couple of months prior, our own David Bremer composed a survey of the MSI Vigor GK70 Gaming Keyboard, a tenkeyless console that he called a smaller yet ground-breaking "gaming beast." The MSI Vigor GK80 is the GK70's greater all the more completely highlighted sibling, with an entire 104-key standard design. So on the off chance that you think about the GK70 as Sesame Street's Elmo, at that point the GK80 is Mr. Snuffleupagus. Just REAL. 

Survey Sample Provided by MSI 
Item Name/Link to Website: MSI Vigor GK80 Gaming Keyboard 
Item was given in return for work done to create this survey. 


Those of us who utilize consoles both professionally and for no particular reason have a tendency to build up a couple of highlight inclinations. One takes a gander at the highlights rundown of the Vigor GK80 and it's promptly certain that MSI is focusing on the console specialists. This thing has pretty much everything an advanced mechanical console ought to have, and a couple of additional items too. It includes a number cushion, a thick aluminum wrist rest with a no-slip elastic cushion, committed sight and sound keys, an inherent USB passthrough port, full scale well disposed programming, Cherry MX RGB Red Switches, a heap of option keycaps, n-key rollover, meshed nylon-shrouded links, gold-plated connectors, and a great many hues erupting from each fissure. *Slaps top of keyboard* This thing can fit such a significant number of RGB LEDs in it. 

The Look And Design 

The Vigor GK80 conveys forward the moderate outline rationality David noted in his survey of the GK70. There's next to no of the brushed aluminum deck distending around the keys on the best and base, and left and right. A little white MSI logo is in an unfilled space close to the NUM-LOCK, CAPS LOCK, and SCROLL-LOCK markers in the upper right corner. The aluminum outline, which is a shading we'd portray as matured bronze, folds over the sides of the console's plastic edge. The MSI monster logo looking its take off from behind the bolt keys of the GK70 is absent here on the GK80, which is a disgrace. The best edge of this console features a portion of red plastic with a finished example that is indistinguishable from the example on the elastic secured elective keycaps. The Vigor GK80's best edge is likewise where you'll discover the USB passthrough port and the play/delay, volume up/down, and quiet sight and sound keys. These sight and sound catches utilize microswitches, and in that capacity, they are little. You will end up taking a gander at the time after time to figure out which ones relate to which work. Notwithstanding wishing these catches were greater, I have a tendency to lean toward an expansive volume dial rather than devoted volume up/down catches. 

The base right and left corners of the GK80 include iced translucent plastic upheld with a progression of RGB LEDs, which add some additional enlightenment to your work area or console plate. 

The Cherry MX key switches (the GK80 is likewise accessible with Cherry MX Silver switches) are really mounted to the brushed aluminum plate (snap securing in outline), which adds to an exceptionally strong inclination composing knowledge. There is next to no flex in the console. 

Switch Talk 

For those who're new, the Cherry MX Red Switch is a quiet mechanical switch that is mainstream with the gaming swarm. That is on account of it's difficult to kill when your zoom key makes a capable of being heard snapping sound that is sufficiently boisterous to be gotten by your headset's blast mic. In any event that what the folks I for the most part play with continue letting me know. You'll need to pry my cherished Cherry MX Blue console from my cool dead hands! Since I say it, I do invest a great deal of energy holding up to respawn at whatever point I attempt my hand at the AWP in CS-GO… But I diverge. 

These straight switches are on the gentler end of the range, requiring only 45 cc's of power (or around 45.88 grams) to enact the switch. They have their invitation point at 2mm and an aggregate travel separation of 4mm. The Cherry MX Silver switches are fundamentally the same as, just with a shallower 1.2mm activation point and 3.4mm aggregate travel. In case you're an aficionado of jerk shooters, at that point the Cherry MX Silver switches ought to be your go-to's. 


Key Caps Galore 

The keycaps that come preinstalled are only painted, yet there are a bunch of exceptional tops that MSI packages in, including metal-topped WASD keycaps, and twelve plain translucent red plastic tops with elastic tops. These last tops are twofold shot and simple to feel for when your eyes are on the screen. MSI likewise incorporates a plastic key puller. I comprehend what you're considering. "Where do I store these extra keycaps when I'm not utilizing them?" MSI has made a clever channel on the underside of the wrist rest for this correct reason. Brilliant move, MSI. 

Underneath the GK80 is a plastic board that structures the rest of the lodging. There are two solid plastic feet that include a half-inch of stature to the back on the console. The GK80 is almost an inch thick at the back, and a little more than a half-inch at the front, offering a not too bad incline regardless of whether you overlap up the elastic covered feet. There is likewise a couple of thick elastic cushions under the front edge, guaranteeing that regardless of what surface the GK80 is on, it will remain put. There are three pathways for steering the link. Not at all like the Vigor GK70, this current console's link isn't removable. 

GK80 Specifications 

Console Interface Wired USB 2.0 

Typical Keys 104 keys (Standard) 

Display Name Vigor GK80 RED GAMING KEYBOARD 

Framework Requirements System with USB port 

Principle Key Switches CHERRY MX RGB Red Switches 

Measurements (mm) 439 x 141 x 38mm, (482 x 84 x 200mm with bundle) 

Weight (g) 1,400g, (2,300g with bundle) 

OS Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP 

Macintosh OS X (Supports while in Normal Mode) 

Accessories 4x Double Material Metal and Plate Keycaps 

12x Double Injection and Rubberized Keycaps 

1x Key Puller 

1x Wrist Rest 

Cables 6.6 feet Braided Fiber 

Keystroke Lifespan 50+ Million 

Mixed media Keys Dedicated Keys 

Gaming Mode Fn + Windows 

N-Key Rollover N-Key Rollover (Gaming mode) 

6-Key Rollover (Standard mode)

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