Why I Write Games in C ?

I am an uncommon mammoth. All my performance venture diversions I've been making as of late have been composed in 'vanilla' C. No one does this. So I figure it may intrigue clarify why I do. 

Dry programming dialect feelings approaching, you have been cautioned. 

What I require from a dialect 

There are a few things which are non-debatable. First, of, it must be solid. I can't bear to invest my energy in managing bugs I didn't cause myself. 

A lot of my amusements was composed for the glimmer, and now streak is kicking the bucket. I would prefer not to invest my energy porting old recreations to new stages, I need to make new diversions. I require a stage that I am certain will be around for some time. 

So also I need to abstain from binds myself to a specific OS, and in a perfect world, I'd get a kick out of the chance to have the choice of producing for supports. So it's critical that my programming dialect is compact, and that it has great versatile library bolster. 

What I need from a dialect 

The most grounded thing on my coveted, yet not required rundown is straightforwardness. I discover looking into dialect highlights, and idiosyncratic 'cunning' programming interface's unimaginably tiring. The perfect dialect would be one I can retain, and afterward, never need to turn things upward. 

Managing bugs is tremendous innovative deplete. I need to create fewer bugs, so I need strict composing, solid cautioning messages and static code investigation. I need bugs to be simpler to discover, so I need great debuggers and dynamic investigation. 

I'm not intrigued in high-def authenticity, but rather I do at present think somewhat about execution. Having more cycles accessible widens the palette of things you can do. It's especially intriguing to investigate what is conceivable with present day, great PCs on the off chance that you aren't persuing loyalty. 

Significantly more than that I think about the speed of the compiler. I am not a zen ace of center, and holding up 10+ seconds is inefficient, indeed, however, more vitally it breaks my stream. I flick over to Twitter and all of a sudden 5+ minutes are no more. 

I am not an OOP change over. I've spent the majority of my expert life working with classes and protests, yet the additional time I spend, the less I comprehend for what reason you'd need to join code and information so unbendingly. I need to deal with information as information and compose the code that best fits a specific circumstance. 

The Alternatives 

C++ is as yet the most widely recognized dialect for composing diversions, and not without reason. Regardless I do the greater part of my agreement work in it. I disdain it strongly. 

C++ covers my requirements, however, fizzles my needs severely. It is urgently confused. Notwithstanding not too bad tooling it's anything but difficult to make guileful bugs. It additionally eases back to gather contrasted with C. It is superior, and it offers includes that C doesn't have; yet includes I don't need, and at an awesome intricacy cost. 

C# and Java have comparative issues. They are verbose and complex mammoths, and I am looking for a succinct, basic animal. They both complete a great deal to railroad a software engineer into an unequivocally OOP style that I am against. According to most larger amount dialects they tend to cover up away multifaceted nature in a way that doesn't really keep it from gnawing you. 

I like to Go a great deal. From numerous points of view, it is C returned to, considering what has been learned in the long a very long time since it was discharged. I might want to utilize it, yet there are enormous barricades that avoid me. The stop-the-world refuse accumulation is a major torment for diversions, halting the world is something you can't generally stand to do. The library bolster for amusements is very poor, and however, you can wrap C libs absent much inconvenience, doing as such includes a great deal of occupied work. It is specialty enough that I stress a little over long haul significance. 

It is decent to make things for the web, yet it feels like a terrifyingly quick moving environment. It is especially frightening with the demise of glimmer. I truly detest javascript, it is loose to the point that I wonder that individuals can compose huge lumps of programming in it. I have no enthusiasm for attempting. 

Haxe feels considerably more encouraging than general choices. In the event that I do web stuff again, I'll be making a plunge here. There is some great library bolster. I am somewhat worried by its relative youth, will it last? I don't much have else to say in regards to it however, I've just dallied with the surface. 

Jonathan Blow is composing his own dialect. The dialect he would need to utilize. I respect this, and once in a while, I toy with doing likewise. It feels like excessively to discard all current library support, and taking full responsibility for future similarity. It is additionally exceptionally troublesome, and all things considered I would preferably be making recreations than programming dialects. 

Why C is as yet my best fit 

C is unsafe, however, it is dependable. A sharp blade that can cut fingers and additionally veg, yet so basic it's not very difficult to figure out how to utilize it precisely. 

It is quick, and with regards to an arrangement, I can't consider anything speedier. 

It tends to be made to keep running on pretty much anything. Generally, this is moderately simple. It is difficult to envision a period when this won't be the situation. 

The library and tooling support is solid and progressing. 

I say this with some trouble, yet it is as yet the dialect for me. 

I totally DO NOT intend to state "hello, you should utilize C as well". I full appreciate inclinations here are entirely particular and uncommon. I have likewise effectively composed more 'vanilla' C code than most, and this unquestionably is a piece of my solace. 

No doubt about it, that is it:- )